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  • Primary Mercury Information Page -- The DEC has established a Mercury Task Force to help coordinate its response to issues on mercury and the environment.
  • State and Local Mercury Collection/Recycling/Exchange Programs
  • Regulation of Fluorescent Lamps On October 22, 1999, NYSDEC issued an Enforcement Directive. This Enforcement Directive allows hazardous waste lamps, such as most fluorescent lamps, to be regulated as universal wastes. Lamps handled under the Universal Waste Rule cannot be put in the trash dumpster because they would not be handled in a way to minimize breakage. Generators of universal waste lamps can self-transport up to 500 lbs of lamps per shipment to an authorized universal waste handler, or treatment or disposal facility under the provisions of 6 NYCRR Part 364. Conditionally exempt small or large quantity hazardous waste generators cannot put hazardous waste lamps in the trash dumpster. lamps may be directed to a treatment or disposal facility if the receiving facility is authorized to accept hazardous waste lamps. However, NYSDEC strongly recommends recycling of hazardous waste lamps to reduce the accumulation of mercury in the environment. A list of fluorescent and HID lamp recyclers is available on this website.
  • Pollution Prevention Unit Mercury Program


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