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Carcass Disposal State Regulations

Depending on circumstances, large animal carcass disposal may be regulated by a state's solid waste, medical waste, agriculture, or emergency management regulations. If your state does not provide specific guidance or regulations relating to large animal carcass disposal, check with your local health department, or city/county laws and ordinances.

In addition, during emergency situations and disasters (e.g., blizzards, floods, hurricanes, mass die-offs, etc.), consult with your local emergency officials, your state emergency planning agency, or the state veterinarian, to determine approved methods of carcass disposal.

Applicable Agencies and Regulations for Alaska

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Address: 555 Cordova St, Anchorage, AK 99501

Contact Information:

Rules and Regulations: Disposal of Animal Carcasses. Animal carcasses not associated with hunting kills must be disposed of in a way that meets local, state and federal guidelines. There are three main disposal methods: Disposal options addressed:

  • Landfilling: Animal carcasses may be disposed in a permitted landfill. Contact your local landfill about specific requirements for disposal.

  • Burial: On land, with landowner's permission. Check with local authorities to ensure burial of the animal does not violate local ordinances.

  • Burning: Animal carcasses may be disposed in a permitted incinerator or crematory.

  • Other Methods: Euthanized animals, livestock or poultry with infectious or contagious diseases, CWD or BSE must be disposed of by special methods to prevent them from being consumed by humans or predatory/scavenger animal species. Consult your local veterinarian or call the Office of the State Veterinarian at 907-375-8214.

Rules and Regulations: 18 ACC 60.010 (d). Infected livestock shall be disposed of in accordance with 9 C.F.R. 43.4 (see Alaska Division of Agriculture on this map), others at a permitted landfill, by cremation or incineration or by burial on land.

Alaska Division of Agriculture

Address: 1800 Glenn Highway, Suite 12, Palmer, AK 99645

Rules and Regulations: 9 CFR 53.4. Animals infected with disease shall be disposed of by burial or burning unless otherwise specifically provided by the Administrator, at his or her discretion. This should be overseen by APHIS.

Alaska General Legislation

Address: State Capitol, Juneau, AK 99801-1182

Rules and Regulations: AS 46.03.810. A person is guilty of creating a nuisance if they place or deposit dead animals on their property in a manner that would be offensive to the public or that would produce, aggravate or cause the spread of disease or in any way endanger the health of the community.

More Information

The Cornell Waste Management Institute (CWMI) maintains a database of carcass disposal state regulations promulgated by state environmental, agricultural and other agencies. There may be additional information on this site, not found on VetCA, that can be helpful to veterinarians, ranchers and farmers. Click here to access the CWMI information for Alaska.

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