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Carcass Disposal State Regulations


Depending on circumstances, large animal carcass disposal may be regulated by a state's solid waste, medical waste, agriculture, or emergency management regulations. If your state does not provide specific guidance or regulations relating to large animal carcass disposal, check with your local health department, or city/county laws and ordinances.

In addition, during emergency situations and disasters (e.g., blizzards, floods, hurricanes, mass die-offs, etc.), consult with your local emergency officials, your state emergency planning agency, or the state veterinarian, to determine approved methods of carcass disposal.

Applicable Agencies and Regulations for Nevada

Nevada Department of Agriculture

Address: 350 Capitol Hill Ave, Reno, NV 89502-2923

Contact Information:

Rules and Regulations: NRS 571.299 Disposal of carcass of diseased animals. Describes disposal of diseased carcasses. Disposal Options Addressed, include:

  • Burial: Bury immediately at least 3 feet underground.

  • Burning: Language states: Cause the carcasses to be consumed by fire.

  • Other Methods: The carcass shall not be sold or given away.

Rules and Regulations: Carcass Disposal for animals with Anthrax. Describes how to dispose of animals infected with anthrax. Disposal Options Addressed, include:

  • Burial: Deep burial with a layer of quicklime added before covering with dirt, and

  • Burning: Preferred method.

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

Address: 901 So. Stewart Street, Suite 4001, Carson City, NV 89701-5249

Contact Information:

Rules and Regulations: Summary of Related Solid Waste Regulations. Includes good management practices. Disposal Options Addressed, include:

  • Landfilling: NAC 444.694 requires that a separate trench be established for disposal of dead animals at municipal solid waste landfills and that dead animals be covered with soil immediately.

  • Burning: NAC 444.640 allows disposal of animal carcasses by open burning, done in accordance with air quality open burning regulations, but is prohibited at municipal and industrial waste landfills.

More Information

The Cornell Waste Management Institute (CWMI) maintains a database of carcass disposal state regulations promulgated by state environmental, agricultural and other agencies. There may be additional information on this site, not found on VetCA, that can be helpful to veterinarians, ranchers and farmers. Click here to access the CWMI information for Nevada.

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