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Occupational Safety and Health Resource Locator

Use the Occupational Safety and Health Tool to locate regulations, points of contact or learn about on-site consultation services in your state.

Occupational safety and health rules in the US are mostly standardized, because:

  • The federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) operate the primary job safety and health program in twenty-nine (29) of the fifty states. This includes conducting inspections and enforcing its standards.
  • Twenty-one states (21) operate their own job safety and health programs (three additional states cover only state and local government employees). States with approved programs must set job safety and health standards that are "at least as effective as" comparable federal standards. In most cases, states adopt standards identical to federal ones.

Consultation services are available in every state. In most cases, these are free and are conducted at your work place or building site. These services help employers identify and correct workplace hazards and can help you avoid violations and penalties.

Use the pull-down or the sensitive map to find occupational safety and health information applicable to your state.

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